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Stock trading involves many different kinds of charges, so it does require a little bit of work to get a clear idea of the profits and losses when performing a trade. One of the most crucial fees is the brokerage fee that your discount stock broker charges. However, with just the broker fee alone, one cannot get the bigger picture of his planned investments.

Several other charges have to be considered when calculating profit and losses, such as state-wise stamp duty, Securities Transaction Tax (STT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), etc.

A brokerage calculator can come in very handy when planning to perform a trade. A brokerage calculator is also useful for comparing discount brokers and choosing the right one for your stock trading needs.

You can find a very comprehensive brokerage calculator on our website. Find the stockbroker by typing in a few letters in its name, and you will be redirected to the brokerage calculator page for your stockbroker.

On the brokerage calculator page, select the appropriate asset class such as equity delivery, equity intraday, derivatives such as futures, options, currency futures, currency options, commodity, etc. Then you need to enter the buy/sell price, the total number of shares (or the number of lots/lot size). Finally, click on the "Calculate" button, and you will be provided with a comprehensive report of the different charges involved and the overall profit and losses.

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