TradeSmartOnline Discount Broker Review

Cost effectiveness, convenience and clarity are the three most important C’s as they are very much focused by Trade Smart online. It is headquartered in Mumbai and it offers various types of brokerage services in commodity, stock and currency trading segments. A VNS Finance and Capital service limited is the parent company of the TradeSmartOnline and it was incorporated in the year of 1994. It is also a member of the Derivative segment and the NSE cash, NCDEX, CSDL depository participant and the MCX. There are various other important features associated with this review that we must duly take note of.

Below is the complete review of this particular discount brokerage service. By reading the information that is given below, you will be able to gain a complete understanding of the process that is followed. It will enable you to gain huge rewards that can be extremely helpful in the long as well as short run. As mentioned above the three C’s make this service best that is available. Make good use of these factors in order to ensure a long term progress and a progress that can be beneficial to you in terms of economy and finance.

The charges of TradeSmartOnline Discount

TradeSmartOnline basically offers three types of very unique trading plans. These plans can suit each and every type of trader. You can also select the plan based on your profile of trading. The basic plans have been stated and explained below.

  • The Rs 15 per order plan

You will only be charged Rs 15 per executed order and this is irrespective of the size of the order that is present across all the segments. These segments include F and O, cash, commodity funds and currency.

  • Trade at 0.7 p

If you select this plan, you will obviously be charged at a rate of 0.007% for an intraday Equity, commodities, Equity F and O, currency derivative trading and also Rs 7 per lot for the other options.

  • Unlimited trading per month

  1. You can enjoy unlimited trading in equity and this includes delivery as well as intraday. F and O segments for a flat rate of Rs 1899 per month is also included.

  2. You can also enjoy unlimited trading in commodity at NCDEX and MCX for RS 1899 per month.

  3. Trading in unlimited currency derivatives for a fixed rate of Rs 999 per month can also be done very easily.

The platforms for Trade Smart Online

There are the two most important platforms that are offered for such users. These platforms are the NEST trader and the NSE NOW. Both these platforms can be used in browser based mode and can be executed using an appropriate software or mobile modes. NOW can also be used for the trading of equities, currencies and F and O. NEST on the other hand can be used to trade in equities, currencies, commodities and F and O. The platforms that are used in this brokerage service, have been explained below in a brief manner for you to gain a comprehensive understanding.


Trade Smart Online also supports the platform that is called as NSE NOW. This is basically offered by the NSE or the National Stock Exchange. The NSE NOW is the industry’s most prominent trading platform and it is used by various types of traders on their tablets and mobile phones. By using this platform, as a user you will be able to access the servers of NSE directly and this helps in boosting the speed of trade execution and also elimination of the downtime. The net- wise and day- wise reports can also be viewed. The alerts and information available via web applications email and mobile can also be used exclusively. As a user you can access and request an advanced analytical chart or graph.

  • NEST trader

The NEST trader is a complete trading solution that is used by traders and investors. This software has been developed exclusively to provide a very integrated system for the purpose of risk management and trading. It helps in giving the user a feeling of convenience of real time access and also a secure access to all his trading purposes. With the help of the NEST trader, you will be able to place all the orders, cancel orders and also modify those orders after they have been placed. Other activity include, viewing of the trade book, viewing of the order book, viewing the limits, view quotes, and view market picture.

Fund transfers

Funds can easily be transferred into your trading account by simply using the following simple methods.

  • The payment gateway

You can credit or fund your trading account by using the payment gateway as it is one of the quickest methods that are available these days through a linked bank account. The funds are transferred to your trading account directly. It will cost you only Rs 8 per transfer ifstyle="margin-bottom: 0.35cm; line-height: 115%" you use the NEST platform. However if you are able to use the NOW platform, it will be free of cost. An advantage is that there is no cap on the maximum or minimum amount that can be transferred in a NOW platform. In NEST the minimum is Rs 100 and maximum is Rs 5, 00,000. These amounts are obviously per transaction.


The funds can also be transferred by using the common electronic banking or internet banking methods. These methods include RTGS and NEFT.

  • Cheque deposit methods

You can also transfer your funds to your trading account by using a simple cheque from any of your bank accounts that are linked.

You can also request a Pay Out by using the trade smart online back office and this can be done either by NEST or NOW platform. The request of your withdrawal will also be processed by the NEFT and RTGS at the end of the very same day of trading.

Is this facility right for you?

This is the most important part of the process in which you will have to judge whether this particular facility is right for you or not. By using Trade Smart Online you will be able to gain access to a very own DP account and hence you will also have to open another account with various DP’s and this is the exact same case with the other discount brokers. You should also consider the opening of an account with them if you are not sure of your profile of trading. They will help in providing you the different types of plans related to brokerage and you will also be able to switch in between these plans. All these plans are extremely helpful in suiting your long term needs and requirements.

The unlimited plans associated with Trade Smart Online can obviously be very helpful to you especially if you are the one that does a lot of trading. In this case, you will not be willing to go for a plan that requires you to pay as you trade. However in case you are a swing investor or a swing trader that does limited trades but the turnover is very high, you will not be willing to opt for a broker that provides the entire services. In this case a plan of Rs 15 will be sufficient for your needs.

This service is also not for you if you are only interested in dealing with IPO, mutual funds and fixed deposits. Like the other discount brokers, you will not be offered a service in all these segments as there is no three in one account. Thus, you will have to keep in minds that each and every time you transfer the funds to an account of Trade Smart Online before you begin trading it will not be a big disadvantage though. This process of judging whether this facility is right for you or not is very important as the decision that you make here can haunt you for the rest of your life. Thus always make good decisions that are capable of giving you rewards in the long run.

Conclusion on TradeSmatOnline

Thus it can be concluded that the discount broker Trade Smart Online is a very helpful discount brokerage service. It has a very wide variety of plans and services that can easily satisfy the needs and requirements of various types of users. In the long run, it is such services that are extremely helpful. All you need to do is, gain a complete understanding of what you require and try your best to fulfill all those requirements. By using a discount brokerage facility, you will be able to benefit a lot in the long run. This is what has made such services extremely popular over a period of time. In the current period Trade Smart online is the one to go with because of the variety of investments it is capable of providing. Make sure that you gain a complete understanding of the entire process before you begin.

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