Sharewealth Securities Margin Trading

As the brokerage industry is getting advanced and more competitive, many brokers worldwide provide high margin and leverage incentives to allow investors to have much more significant exposure on their trades. These tools will enable an investor to take a much more prominent position on their trades and aim for a greater return. Sharewealth Securities offers different leverage for different kinds of trades.

On this page, you can find a margin calculator for Sharewealth Securities. Sharewealth Securities margin calculator can help you find out how much leverage you can get for different stocks depending on the type of trade, such as equity delivery, equity intraday, currency or commodity, etc.

To calculate margin for Sharewealth Securities,

  • Select the kind of trade such as equity delivery, equity intraday, currency, or commodity.
  • Select a stock or a contract from the scrip input.
  • Enter share price and available margin balance in the account.
  • Click on calculate button.

Sharewealth Securities Margin Calculator

Margin balance
Share price
Shares (No leverage)
Exposure margin
Shares (Leverage)

Sharewealth Securities Margin Calculator Report

After clicking on calculate, you can find a comprehensive report for the margin/leverage offered. In this report, you can find,

  • Margin balance The margin available in your account.
  • Share price The price of the stock or contract traded.
  • Shares (No leverage) The total number of shares you could buy if margin/leverage benefits are not provided.
  • Exposure Margin The exposure offered for the selected scrip and the trade type.
  • Shares (Leverage) The total number of shares because of the leverage provided by Sharewealth Securities.
  • Leverage The leverage offered by Sharewealth Securities. This is essentially a multiplier that represents the higher number of shares that you can buy because of margin trading.

Sharewealth Securities Exposure/Leverage

Equity Delivery Upto 2X
Equity Intraday Upto 6X
Equity Futures Upto 4X
Equity Options Upto 4X
Currency Futures Upto 3X
Currency Options Upto 2X
Commodity Upto 3X

Sharewealth Securities Equity Delivery Margin/Leverage

In equity delivery trading, you hold the stocks in your Demat account for some time and then sell them when a suitable opportunity arises. Sharewealth Securities offers a leverage of Upto 2X for equity delivery.

Equity Delivery Upto 2X

Sharewealth Securities Equity Intraday Margin/Leverage

In equity intraday, margin allows an investor to borrow money from his broker and take on a bigger position on his intraday trade. Intraday trade represents buying and selling a stock on the same trading day. Sharewealth Securities offers a leverage of Upto 6X for equity intraday.

Equity Intraday Upto 6X

Sharewealth Securities Equity Futures Margin/Leverage

Equity futures is one of the derivatives of equity trading. It represents a contract in which the buyer and seller agree to transact shares at a future date and price. Sharewealth Securities offers a leverage of Upto 4X for equity intraday.

Equity Futures Upto 4X

Sharewealth Securities Equity Options Margin/Leverage

Apart from equity futures, equity options is also a derivative of equity trading. It differs from equity futures as it represents a right without an obligation to perform a trade on a future date and price. Sharewealth Securities offers a leverage of Upto 4X for equity options.

Equity Options Upto 4X

Sharewealth Securities Currency Futures Margin/Leverage

Margin trading is very important in the currency trading segment. The relatively lower fluctuations in the relative value of the currencies being traded imply that people would require significant leverage to make meaningful trades. Currency trading without leverage is simply inaccessible to a lot of small investors. Sharewealth Securities offers a leverage of Upto 3X for currency futures.

Currency Futures Upto 3X

Sharewealth Securities Currency Options Margin/Leverage

We already discussed how margin trading is important for currency trading or forex trading. In contrast to currency futures, currency options give a right without an obligation to buy or sell on a future date and price. Sharewealth Securities offers a leverage of Upto 2X for currency options.

Currency Options Upto 2X

Sharewealth Securities Commodity Margin/Leverage

Stockbrokers can also offer margin for commodity trading. The concepts are similar to any other kind of segment. Sharewealth Securities offers a leverage of Upto 3X for commodity trading.

Commodity Upto 3X