Zerodha Franchise

Zerodha is one of the most prominent discount brokers and is expanding rapidly. They started their operations in the brokerage industry in 2010, and since then, their growth has been exponential. They have covered all the aspects from providing the cheapest brokerage rates to fast and sophisticated mobile trading platforms. Their main aim was technological advancement in the brokerage sector, and this aim helped them become the second-largest stock broking company in India.

Zerodha provides an opportunity to work with them through their Zerodha Franchise. Under this franchise, you become a member of their fast-growing business, which is registered with all the major stock exchanges, namely BSE, NSE, MCXNSEL, MCX-SX, ACE, USD, etc. Their franchise provides many incentives to its members, which we will discuss in this article.

Zerodha franchise is divided into two main branches:

  1. Business Partner/Authorized person/Sub-broker
  2. Referral Model

Zerodha Business partner/Authorized person/Sub-broker

The main responsibility as a Zerodha Business partner is to get clients on-board to trade through Zerodha. You will act as an advisor or agent if you go for Zerodha business partner branch. You must have good interpersonal and communication skills to be profitable as a business partner.

The initial security deposit starts from INR 0 to INR 11,000. The positive side of this is that you don’t have to worry about any infrastructure cost, as your duty will be bringing clients on-board.

Apart from no infrastructure cost, the revenue sharing model is highly lucrative and totally depends on your performance. You can earn commission anywhere between 30%-50%. The low security deposit and high commission are what sets Zerodha franchise apart from others.

There are several other benefits of becoming Zerodha's Business Partner:

  • Unlike other brokerage franchises, you can enroll as a sub-broker for Zerodha without any initial security deposit.
  • The revenue sharing model depends on your performance.
  • Trading tools and platform is highly advanced.
  • Online account opening can be carried out.
  • You will get training for all the products and services before joining as a sub-broker for Zerodha, which will polish your technical skills.
  • Zerodha will provide marketing support through posters, banners, etc.

Zerodha Referral Program

In order to profit from Zerodha referral program, you first must register as a trader with Zerodha and from there on you can refer Zerodha to your friends, family, and relatives. If a person joins through your network, you will get a certain percentage from the profit. This is a highly profitable opportunity for you if you have a strong network of friends.

There is no need for initial security deposit and the infrastructure cost. Your responsibility will only be to refer Zerodha to people and persuade them to trade with them. This straightforward and economical factor makes it an attractive offer.

The revenue sharing model is also quite interesting. You can get a commission starting from 10% to up to 30% depending on your performance, skills, and network.

There are other several benefits that are linked with Zerodha Referral Program:

  • Zerodha's brand name will help you to get people on-board.
  • No initial security deposits.
  • You can opt for this program online in easy steps.
  • Revenue sharing model depends on your performance.
  • Free training will polish your technical and interpersonal skills.

Zerodha Franchise - Eligibility criteria

You must fall on certain criteria to become a member of Zerodha Franchise:

  • You must be registered with SEBI as a sub-broker to work with Zerodha franchise.
  • You must be at least or over 18 years old to become a sub-broker.
  • You must have experience in the financial markets.
  • A graduation degree is essential.
  • Certification in the financial field will boost your sub-broker profile.

Documents required to become a sub-broker/Authorized person for Zerodha

You must possess the following documents to partner or become a sub-broker for Zerodha:

  • Proof of identity with PAN or Aadhaar card.
  • Address proof to the broker e.g., Aadhaar card, latest telephone bill, electricity bill, passport, valid driving license, or most recent bank statement.
  • Proof of age through passport, school certificate, or PAN card.
  • Qualification proof in the form of degree.
  • SEBI registration certificate.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Cancelled cheques for bank account details.

Final thoughts

As Zerodha is on its way to expansion and innovation, it is the perfect time to partner with them on this technological journey. They have had exponential growth in the brokerage sector, and they have huge future potential. Apart from profitable revenue sharing models, they offer a wide range of services to its sub-brokers.

They allow their sub-brokers to deliver their clients services like trading in equity, currency, derivatives, mutual funds, etc. Secondly, they have advanced and user-friendly trading platforms attracting more clients. Thirdly, they have strong back office support, which allows clients to keep track of the revenue generated by them. Apart from this, they offer free research and advisory to their sub-brokers, and they can offer these services to their clients. Lastly, Zerodha is highly economical for people who can’t afford the initial security deposit, as you can partner with them without any deposit.

All these factors make Zerodha a rising discount broker in the industry.

Why partner with Zerodha?

In this last portion, you can confidently make a final decision for yourself regarding the Zerodha Franchise:

  • Brand Name: Within a period of ten years, Zerodha managed to become the most famous discount broker in India. Working with Zerodha will boost your resume and career growth.
  • Zerodha expected growth: Zerodha is one of the rising stockbrokers. It is expected that Zerodha will become the number one stockbroker in India and will offer a lot more services and offers to its clients and sub-brokers.
  • Transparent in rates: They have simple and straightforward brokerage plans and rates, which the clients appreciate.
  • Top-Notch trading platform: Zerodha's trading platform is considered to be one of the most efficient and sophisticated platforms. This will be a major reason for you to gather more clients as a sub-broker.
  • Research and Advisory: They offer in-depth research and advisory to their sub-brokers. From technical analysis reports to stock tips, they give their sub-broker information dense material.