Angel Broking Franchise

Being in the industry for more than 30 years, Angel Broking is one of the oldest players in the brokerage industry, having their services across 150 cities in India. With attractive and innovative services such as demat account, trading account, IPO investment, research reports, robo advisory, they also provide incentives in equity, commodity, and currency trading along with mutual funds.

Apart from the state-of-the-art services, they also offer a chance for people to work with them through their Angel broking Franchise, and this franchise is spread over 500+ cities in India. They provide wide range of services in the form of incentives to their sub-brokers with a good commission rate.

The angle broking franchise is divided into three main branches:

  1. Authorized person / Business partner / Sub broker
  2. Master franchisee
  3. Remisier

Authorized person / Business partner / Sub broker

Sub-brokers or authorized person acts as the agents of trading members and help the investors in dealing in securities by linking them to their trading members. Angel broking dominates this branch by having the 11,000 authorized persons, 1.2 million retail clients, 11,000 trading terminals, and 110 branches across India.

To become a sub-broker for Angel broking, you must make a security deposit of minimum INR 50,000 and this can go up to 100,000. Apart from the initial deposit, Angel broking provides training through seminars, and webinars sessions. Moreover, the training perks also include access to software for tracking the performance of various dealers and advising them along with a revenue sharing model which is compensated in the sub-broker partnership.

The revenue sharing model is quite attractive for sub-brokers as they enjoy an average of 60% ranging between 50%-70% of the revenue. This value is relatively higher than the industry average providing an incentive for people to sign up as a sub-broker for Angel broking.

However, a sub-broker should consider the infrastructure investment. As Angel broking is a well-reputed brand, its sub-brokers should have a workplace at par with the parent company’s standards. Angel broking requires a sub-broker to have well maintained infrastructure, with attractive location, sufficient workstations in the office, and good internet and communication speed.

According to SEBI, the sub-broker will be converted to authorized person with same roles expect slight changes in the registration process which will be discussed later in the article. The new registration will be in the name of authorized person instead of sub-broker.

Now that we have discussed the gist of authorized person, it is essential to discuss the advantages of being an authorized person/sub-broker.

  • Excellent career growth. Angel broking’s brand name will help you gather valuable clients.
  • The process requires low investment with high returns. All you need is an upfront security deposit and you are good to go.
  • Attractive revenue sharing model.
  • Free demat account to sub-broker clients.
  • With Angel broking franchise, your clients can open an account in just 5 mins.
  • 3-day tag generation process.

Angel broking master franchisee

Angel broking allows you to make the maximum use of its commissions through master franchisee. A franchise model is in which a large broking house will allow authorized person to operate under its brand name and license on fixed commercial terms.

A broking house that sells its franchise to others is called an authorized person’s franchisee. This branch allows a person to have a monopoly of brokership in a certain area, or jurisdiction. However, the infrastructure cost is high as Angel brokering requires the franchisor to have a good setup that will attract more clients. The angel broking master franchisee security starts from a minimum INR 100,000 and can go up to 300,000.

But the critical thing to consider is that, with high initial deposit you will get a higher commission percentage of up to 70%-80%, while the broker gets only 30%-20%. Hence, making this branch a highly lucrative one.

The crucial benefits to consider while going for Angel broking master franchisee are:

  • High future growth prospect as the revenue touches up to 80%.
  • Monopoly over a certain area.
  • As you have the monopoly, you don’t have to worry about any competitor bringing your revenue down.
  • High chances of expansion.

It is important to consider the key differences between an authorized person and the franchise to get a clear picture of both the branches. Firstly, to become an authorized person, previously you had to register with SEBI, but to become a franchise you must register as an authorized person with any of the brokers. Secondly, authorized person operates under their names, but a franchisee gains mileage from the brand name i.e. Angel broking. Thirdly, a franchise trains its authorized person on details regarding equity trading and helps them to leverage market potential with technical support. Lastly, a franchise has a set of requirements to bring authorized persons onboard such as a spacious working space and infrastructure, qualification, certification etc.

Angel Broking Remisier

In simple terms, a remisier is known as a commissioned dealer representative, who is an agent of the stockbroking company and receives a commission when he brings a client onboard for the respective broking company.

To become a remisier for Angel broking, all you will have to do is register, then refer angel broking services to your links and if your link signs up with angel broking you will get a commission.

Generally, to become a remisier you have to pay an initial security deposit of INR 30,000 and the plus side of being a remisier is that your commission can be anywhere between 20% to 30% depending on the clients you bring onboard.

There are other benefits of being a remisier are:

  • The initial cost is extremely low.
  • No need for infrastructure investment.
  • Attractive commission package which can go up to 30% and more if you bring more clients.
  • Straightforward and easy on-boarding process.

If you have good communication and interpersonal skills, this branch of angel broking franchise is highly lucrative for you as you don’t have to learn any technical skills.

Angel Broking franchise – Eligibility Criteria

Though the process of on boarding is very simple, however, there are few conditions you need to fulfill to partner with Angel broking and become an authorized person.

  • Registration with SEBI is mandatory.
  • The person must be at least 18 years old and must have a graduation degree.
  • Experience in the stock and financial market, certifications from apex and the regulatory bodies from these markets would boost your profile.
  • You must have excellent communication skills, as your entire job will focus on presenting the services to your clients.
  • The person must have a history of good and clean track record as Angel Broking analyze that before bringing you on board.

Documents required for becoming an authorized person

There are certain documents that you must have to become a member of Angel broking franchise.

  • Address proof to the broker e.g. Aadhaar card, latest telephone bill, electricity bill, passport, valid driving license or most recent bank statement.
  • Proof of identity with PAN or Aadhaar card.
  • Four photographs.
  • CA reference letter.
  • Name affidavit in case of any mismatch in names on a 10Rs stamp paper.

Final thoughts

With all the facts and figures presented above, it could be stated that Angel Broking without a doubt provides the most attractive incentives for people who wish to partner with them. In all three types of branches the revenue sharing model is highly lucrative and the initial security deposit is low.

To condense all the above information, you get a commission from anywhere between; 50%-70% if you are an authorized person, a commission of 70%-80% if you go for Angel broking master franchise, and a commission of 20%-30% if you are a remisier. However, these figures can go up if you bring more clients.

Secondly, the initial investment cost is extremely low as mentioned. All you must do is to have a good workplace in an attractive location to go for Angel Broking master franchise and in the case of remisier, you must have good skillset in persuasiveness and communication.

In the light of above facts, Angel Broking franchise is a good opportunity for anyone looking to partner with the reputable firm.

Why partner with Angel Broking?

The last question that this article will answer is to why partner with angle broking in the first place and to answer this question following pointers will help you understand.

  • Brand Name: A major reason is the name Angel Broking itself. Being in the industry for more than 30 years and dominating more than 900 cities in India with more than 8000+ sub-brokers, this name will give you a boost in your resume and your experience.
  • Innovation in technological sector: As the brokerage industry is advancing and being heavily dominated by technology, Angel Broking rides this technological wave by having state-of-the-art mobile trading platforms and software’s which can execute high speed trades with all the essential tools.
  • Training support: Apart from the brand name and innovation, Angel Broking will provide you training through seminars, webinar session etc. which will polish your skillset.
  • Business partner and Advisory support: The two crucial things that Angel broking provides is the advisory dashboard to their sub-brokers which allows them to take advantage of all sorts of information regarding the clients. Along with this they give advisory and research support which makes it even more lucrative for the people to partner with Angel Broking.
  • Marketing Support: Angel Broking also provides marketing support to their sub-brokers, which allows them to use margin limits/exposure and flexible leverages.
All these factors are solid reasons as to why you should partner with Angel Broking.